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We’re on a journey to fill homes with happiness. Come be a part of our story, find something that speaks to you, and let’s spread beauty and blessings together.

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Our Creations

From the humble wooden spoon to the majestic home temple, our range of products is a testament to the versatility of wood as a material and the ingenuity of our artisans. Each product is a unique masterpiece, crafted with techniques that blend age-old traditions with contemporary design.

Who We Serve

Nyaasah is for anyone who appreciates the subtle elegance of handcrafted goods. Our customers are those who choose to make conscious purchases that support artisan communities and sustainable practices.


Enriching the lives of our customer through innovative solutions.


We strive to produce products that are both customized or global and we ensure that we don’t harm the environment in any manner whatsoever.

The Hands Behind the Craft

Our artisans are the heartbeat of Nyaasah. Hailing from families who have been in the craft for centuries, they bring with them skills honed over lifetimes. In their hands, a simple block of wood is transformed into an object of beauty and purpose.

Sachin Sutar

Sachin is a maestro in the art of Marquetry, skillfully combining pieces of wood into stunning patterns. His work on intricate tabletops and ornamental boxes brings the essence of Maharashtrian culture into homes worldwide.

Kavita Kumbhar

Kavita's hands weave magic into wood, creating pieces that are as functional as they are artistic. Her signature work includes elegantly carved wooden kitchenware that marries traditional motifs with ergonomic design.

Nitin Lohar

A virtuoso of lathe work, Nitin's creations are a dance of form and symmetry. From robust wooden bowls to slender vases, his craftsmanship highlights the natural beauty and grain of indigenous woods.

Aishwarya Rokade

Specializing in the ancient craft of woodblock printing, Aishwarya brings fabric to life with her beautifully carved blocks. Her designs are a modern ode to traditional Maharashtrian patterns, cherished in every impression.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative, quality and cost-effective products with complete satisfaction by exceeding their expectations.

In order to achieve the same, we are imbibing ‘Total Quality Culture’ through continual improvements in product development, process, employees competency with the involvement of employees and suppliers.

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